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Filming/Photography with Drones

We are equipped with drones that excel in capturing footage in resolutions up to 5K/60fps. Our goal is to provide the best shots for your project, from the perspective of both the pilot and the drone, which becomes the camera in the sky.

Drones are invaluable for slow or static shots and provide essential support for situations where conventional cameras fall short.

Whether you're planning to shoot a race, documentary, film, or unique shots that require an unusual perspective, our drones are here to meet your expectations.


Here we introduce a completely different dimension. This type of drone is known for its speed, agility, and considerable complexity, especially in the hands of less experienced pilots. However, with our extensive experience as FPV drone pilots, we have gained invaluable practice in many challenges, including flights around, under, and through various environments.

Thanks to First Person View (FPV) technology, we have the ability to see the world from the drone's perspective directly in real-time through special goggles. This technique brings a level of control necessary for piloting FPV drones. This type of drone adds speed, action, and dynamics to your videos.

With speeds of up to 160 km/h and resolutions of up to 4K/5K/60fps, this drone makes it an ideal partner for projects that require unique action and speed.


Although drones are our great passion, we certainly don't stop there. Most projects require filming or photographing details that drones are not particularly suitable for, and we cannot do without a classic camera.

In case you need to shoot a short commercial, captivating spot, b-roll, or take photos of various events such as weddings, family gatherings, meetings, balls, LETÍ DRON has got you covered.

 FPV Cinewhoop

Step into a new dimension of capture with this advanced drone. Despite its small size and light weight, this powerful drone becomes the perfect tool for demanding recordings both indoors and outdoors.

With its ability to record in resolutions up to 4K/5K/60fps, it offers quality that fully satisfies even the most demanding clients.

Whether you plan to capture details of your home, business, or any other environment, these drones guarantee professional results that are worth it.

Drone Inspections

We offer a variety of inspections, including building, bridge, and construction site assessments. If you require detailed documentation of spaces, buildings, or objects that are difficult for an ordinary person to access, we have a reliable solution for you.


Do you own a drone but feel unsure about how to use it? 

Do you have questions about applications or prefer a hands-on approach over studying manuals? 

If you're seeking advice and tips on how to operate, photograph, and film with a drone, we're here to help. Our goal is to share our experiences and skills with you and assist you in becoming a confident drone pilot. 

Regardless of your level of experience, we can offer you individual meetings or online training sessions where we'll answer your questions and provide valuable tips and tricks. 

PRO TIP: Remember to remove the gimbal cover before take off

The price for training starts at 990 CZK per hour.


Natáčení dronem

cena záleží na typu zvoleného dronu

od 2500,-/hodina

Natáčení FPV 5" dronem 

cena záleží na náročnosti projektu

od 2500,-/hodina

Natáčení FPV cinewshoop dronem

cena záleží na náročnosti projektu

od 2500,-/hodina

Natáčení kamerou

cena záleží na typu projektu

od 2000,-/hodina

Focení svateb 

od 8000,-

Natáčení svateb

od 8000,-

Inspekce dronem

Cena je závislá na zvolené technice a času v terénu.

od 2500,-/hodina

Většina našich projektů je individuálně konzultována a ceny jsou stanoveny na základě specifických požadavků a potřeb klienta. 


If you are interested in cooperation or filming your project, contact us and we will discuss it further with you.