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Our wings, your stories - reach new heights of creativity and professionalism with us.

We are...

....your reliable choice for the creative documentation of spaces. We specialize in crafting unique visual experiences. Bringing your spaces to life, we capture their uniqueness and atmosphere using professional drones and photographic techniques. Our art of creating visual stories delivers unforgettable experiences.

Let us ensure that your projects are captured in the best light, and explore a new dimension with us! Contact us today and discover the world from a new perspective!

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FPV Drones

We open a new dimensions of adrenaline adventures and filming from heights.

Normal Drones

Our professional drones allow you to get views from above that will impress you.

360° Photos 

Change the way you view the world with our interactive photos.

Drone Lessons

We teach future and existing drone pilots to professional skills and safe drone operation.

Our team

Pavel, drone pilot and filmmaker

I am a certified drone pilot and the founder of the company. I am focused on aerial drone work and filming. With a passion for flying FPV drones and creating visual content, I have several successful projects under my belt. My company specializes in providing aviation services, from filming and photography to training new drone pilots. 

With a team of professionals, we are ready to bring a unique and creative perspective to your projects.

Martin, filmmaker and editor

Martin is a talented cameraman with extensive experience in filming and video editing.

His passion for visual art and precision in video processing are key elements he brings to our company. His expertise and creativity enable us to achieve excellent results in all our projects. Martin is not only part of our team, but also a great colleague and friend, which strengthens our cooperation and brings a positive atmosphere to work.

Míša, project manager

Míša represents our excellent marketing professional who specializes in mediating projects, negotiating terms and taking care of our clients. She has many years of experience in the field of marketing and communication and are very indispensable for our company. 

Míša is characterized not only by excellent organizational skills, but also by the ability to bring innovative ideas that support the growth of our company. Her professionalism and commitment are key factors that contribute to the success of every project we work on.

Drone work

Camera work

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